Big Brother is watching you, 28 March 2020


On a Friday, in Melbourne, this is usually so busy that you walk past a crowd. not yesterday. What was evident was that people are scared and confused. Some were wearing their own version of a mask (scarfs, material, masks with vents, paper masks, no mask) and some even wore plastic or other gloves. People were distanced in shops with tape and people moved out of their way as they walked past. Quite a few had fear in their eyes and I have to get out of here. If anyone told me this would be Melbourne I would never have believed it.

Later, in the shopping centre, in the food court all chairs were stacked and there were tapes around to Do Not Enter. A few clothing shops were closed and only hair dressers and the larger retail and food shops had people in them, all with fear except in the bigger food shops they did talk a little confirming their despair and anxiety. I saw this one lady with mask, gloves in a scooter filling her basket. She said she was very scared as she had a lot of health issues and her husband was stocking up a trolley with a month of food. There is security every where and in places two standing at the doors in case of toilet roll or other fights.

Daily, I still hear helicopters and sirens in the distance like when there was the fires in my area, as I am close to bush land. Today, I read that people could be thermal imaged with drones to detect temperature and a man has been caught stealing toilet paper. So many people have lost their jobs and I wonder what the future holds for the world. I wonder if this is a warning for the planet, for us to be reminded to be better and kinder people to ourselves, the planet and our animals. I do hope we practice more of this.

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