Please be honest-if you are not well please go to the Doctor ASAP


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Look after you, the planet, the animals

I was watching the Richard Wilkins (the Entertainment Reporter) being interviewed and he said he had no symptoms yet tested positive 3 times. This is alarming to say the least. So many people could be out there feeling perfectly fine and not realizing they are carriers of the Coronavirus. If you have anything that you feel is unusual for you, like a headache that is not going away, a cough..whatever, for the sake of protecting and not passing on anything I appeal to you to go and get checked by a Doctor.

The GPS and medical profession are under a lot of pressure at the moment so only do this if you really have doubts, what shouldn’t be done is everyone runs to get checked. However, if there is any doubt regarding your health it is best to be checked.

Please look after the elderly and people that are at risk. My experience is that often the most vulnerable want to soldier on to their and others detriment. During the Electricity crisis on the call center I was blown away by so many people who had real health issues but wanted to do without and help others. Please look around and help each other. Most importantly look after your health too. You could be a parent, etc and other rely on your health too.

Drink lots of water/warm teas and liquids

Look after your hygiene and that of your family and friends

Eat healthy. Fruit and vegetables and meat as opposed to processed food. Good oils: avocado, olive oil, fish, nuts, legumes. See the Betterhealth recommendations attached.

Look after your physical and mental health.

I have attached some useful sites for you.

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