Exercise is my sanity

Statue of Liberty, New York, Usa

I walk a lot; up to 4 hours some days. I look at the birds, the different flowers blooming, blossoms/leaves changing color and falling on trees, the changing colors of the sky, places of interest and I think. It calms me down. I also swim laps (I miss that at the moment) and do some weights. Water bottle in hand it was an adventure when I was travelling. Each day a new place to see. The Lonely Planet Pocketbooks and web site were awesome.

One of the things that always amazes me is that people forget to check out their back yard. Using Google Maps you can look for interest areas like historic sites etc in your local area or around the world and it is awesome to go to new places you haven’t been to or seen. I don’t really understand tours when you can easily go to places with public transport.

Interesting fact, in New York you can take the train to all the main sites. For example on one train station there is the Twin Towers, next to Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge etc. all in walking distance. The Statue of Liberty requires the additional small boat ride. I loved New York and LA. I found the people so nice and friendly, so welcoming, so helpful. Go on, explore and have fun.

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