Important things to consider


Image result for free photos of street cleaning coronavirus in china

Gweneth Paltrow is selling designer masks; can’t blame opportunists in this world. The Italians are lifting the world’s spirits with singing etc, which is awesome. But you know what are the most important things to consider and that is hygiene and safety.

Let us look at how people are getting rid of the virus and best ways to stop it.

Work – clean keyboards, computers, seats and absolutely everything. Clean up after yourself. Stay away from people.

Home – as above

Distance from people – stay at least 1.5 meters in distance away from people.

Shopping – clean trolleys, packets or anything you buy.

Streets – why are we not hosing down streets, wiping trains, steps etc etc like in China?

Masks – see WHO information. Remember glasses and gloves. A mask alone isn’t good enough. Ditto other important cleaning etc information.

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