Exposing the liars, scammers and charlatans – it never ceases to amaze me.


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Trying to run a descent business online and have a voice blogging, to date I have had people send me naked shots, porno videos, think that my aim in life is pick up people, scammers, scammers with fake profiles,people trying to sell things, you name it. This extends to all social media. Life is tough enough out there when businesses out there are affected and you are trying to make ends meet and survive this insanity and have an opinion and voice.

To all those that think I am after pornography etc. There are sites specially designed for this, including people of all preferences. I am not interested in the trani that gave me a full frontal, the various woman that sent me videos of themselves naked or anyone that thinks this. I strongly suggest you get off Twitter and go to these sites. It gets tiresome to say the least.

Ditto to all the Romeos out there. Go to dating sites and leave Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and even EBAY alone. Especially the ones that profess undying love and lets get married crap. Also, the amusing military guys who somehow all have an x wife or a wife that has died of cancer or some such. At first I thought this was amuzing but seriously, go and get a life! A real one with people and not internet fabricated scams etc. I am getting tired of blocking people.

To all the people that have an opinion on what my site should or shouldn’t have, thanks but no thanks.

I wish everyone health, happiness and truth. Go to the right place..do not waste my time. I am not here to socialize but respect opinions and feedback on issues.


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