So we shouldn’t go to 500 plus people events in Australia?


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According to Woolworths Group ( 2020)  they serve over 29 million customers across our brands every week and have 995 stores. According to my calculations that is approx 29, 146 people visiting each store. I won’t even consider other retailers here because obviously a lot of people visit retailers, especially Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. I won’t even go into petrol station statistics or public transport or general shopping centres. The list goes on.

Therefore, Mr Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia and Chief Medical Officer in banning 500 people plus events that last say a few hours the most, while people frequents other places a lot more, how is this preventing Coronavirus (COV19)?

On another note, I would like to ask all the people in Australia how much stocking up do you really need? How much can you afford or really eat? I don’t know anyone who has an endless bucket of money that not only caters to the rising costs of utilities etc (umm gee thanks for the $750 extra dollars Mr Morrison for the Coronavirus assistance. However, before you made awesome announcements, maybe you should have considered the impacts of these first. Maybe, checked around the world re what works and doesn’t). but can deal with random additional purchases because we are now getting afraid of missing out on the last item that is going out the door.

Retailers, how about a community noticeboard or something thgat would communicate to people:

Which items are running out, what are the rations, when will these items be replaced etc. Just a thought.

To 500 plus events organizers. ever thought about breaking up ticket sales so there are less numbers and more days? OMG you didn’t? Note to self: Think outside the square.


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