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I pity hospital systems all across the world at the moment and in the next few months with the added pressure of Coronavirus to existing possible shortages of staff and resources across the world.

In Australia, just the added workload of segregating possible Coronavirus candidates (with people being stopped, asked a series of questions and then if there is any threat, are placed in another area for testing) and with the normal cold and flu season approaching I seriously do not envy our hospital staff which will no doubt be stretched to the limit, and exhausted even more so.

The Federal Government announced an increased funding for the nation’s public hospitals by $5 billion. The new five year National Health Reform Agreement is also set deliver more than $30 billion in additional public hospital funding from 2020–21 to 2024–25. What I want to know is do we have medical staff readily trained and educated just standing there to be released where they are needed? Don’t think so. Also, even if we did, this is not a guaranteed funding for all eternity so what happens to the workforce after that?

Tertiary Education has been hit hard by the Coronavirus (the source for Medical staff). How come there is no funding for this area? Guess that is too logical. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Patty, A (2020) ‘Australia’s education industry is facing an $8 billion hit from the travel ban on visitors from China as the sector grapples with how to confront the wider effects of the deadly coronavirus’.

Can we all be extra kind to or Medical staff across the world please? Simple things like a please and thank you. Being as self sufficient as possible when visiting family or friends in hospitals and only the immediate family/friends attending. Going to Clinics etc only if you really need to.

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