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One day dad was coming out of his friend’s house (the local curer. This guy used to say a few blessings in some ancient language and people would swear they got better if they were having a bad time, some ailment or whatever.). Dad would say he is probably just saying ‘you people are wasting your time but I am happy to get donations if you give them to me’. LOL

Any way, as dad was coming out of his house he ran into another friend. So, this other friend asked dad if this guy was any good. So dad being dad, said to him, yes he is very good but he is very deaf and closed the door behind him. So dad, watching from a distance watched what happened. His friend started to bang and bang very loudly on this Curer’s door.

So, as the Curer opens the door, dad’s friend starts yelling loudly. Are you Alex he shouts? Yes I am Alex, he shouts backk and the two continue shouting at each other, each thinking the other is deaf. While dad is watching from afar and killing himself laughing and me observing this. Finally, Alex had enough and said you are giving me a head ache, why are you shouting? Dad’s friend told him that my dad told him he was deaf. Alex laughed, knowing my dad and said that people should never listen to the joker. Dad enjoyed himself.

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