How different people react to news etc ; always smile!


I see around me how different people cope with the News and it fascinates me. There are the ones that stay away from all news completely. I have absolutely no idea how they manage given that all kinds of news does filter down to their life and impacts them like everyone else.

There are the ones that listen to the news or read them and then make up their versions. My dad does this. He then tells his version to others (completely wrong at times) . What cracked me up was that I actually saw him listening to news from a different country (he does not know the language) yet he still acted as if he understood. Sadly, when he passes on this version people believe him and then they even adjust it further. LOL.

The I am smarter than the world news readers. These ones are a hoot. The facts are written in black and white, instructions, advice etc and they are better, wiser than the world. I wonder if this attitude bites them on the back side.

Finally, the ones that deny things. This is not happening. I will ignore this for as long as I can. Reality does catch up with these people.

Me? I believe in being informed but am not over the top. I read what ‘experts’ say, look at variations, make decisions regarding any impacts. I believe we can learn a lot from each other. help each other, support each other. communicate with one another. No one is better than anyone else and we all have strengths and weaknesses to rely on.

A positive attitude, a smile makes a world of difference.

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