The real reason we have panic buying in Oz!-MyZen.Blog

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A rational, well organized Government might do the following: plan, think outside the square, consult widely, meet with the stakeholders and think of the ramifications of not doing all these things prior to public announcements. But alas we have what we have a public announcement that there should not be panic buying but buying in case we have Coronavirus and a month of incubation. Like, hello, when do people ever read the news, pay attention to public announcements and not do their own thing?

Prior to a public announcements maybe the following should have occured:

  1. Meet with retailers (Coles, Woolworth s, Aldi, Small Retailers representatives etc) and maybe say: we expect people to panic buy, place signs up limiting the purchase of essential items. If things run out, give alternatives.
  2. Meet with Chemist Warehouse and other companies that stock medical supplies and perhaps guide them with simple things. Eg if hand sanitizers run out, give alternatives. Dito medication etc
  3. Meet with health professionals and provide guidance, discuss etc
  4. Have a strategy re people who are vulnerable and unable to buy additional supplies or shop when they are ill.

Just a thought..not Rocket Science

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