Why don’t we learn from previous mistakes when faced with Global Emergencies such as now the Coronavirus?

In listening and reading to the news on how the virus was handled in Wuhan there is much criticism on not enough early information provided to people, people not listening etc. Similarly, the way Global emergencies have been handled previously could have been vastly improved. Please find attached some of the many criticisms on The Twin Towers collapse.

In fact I was part of the many discussions on the requirement for the United Nations to have sound Emergency procedures, policy etc in 2013 in New York.

The need for communication, information and resources was highlighted. Things to consider, the what if factors, Power, Electricity, Water,Transport being affected. Here, I draw you to the facts. In Melbourne we have had an Electricity, Water and Gas Crises’. I was part of the Emergency response Call Centre. I can see people right at this moment putting their hand up and saying things like this will not happen. Yet, we read news, see videos of Wuhan where the city is at a stand still and there has been one month of isolation for the people of Wuhan.

So today, as per the recommendations of WHO and the Federal Government in Australia, I did not panic buy, but I bought a few things in case the Coronavirus comes here. I noticed peope fell into the following groups:

*The ignorant – The I do not read the news and don’t care. (This group always amuses me as if they can ignore life)

*The not going to happen – nope ignoring instructions. It will never happen. (Ditto)

*The are you serious (laughed) = dismissed it. (It will be a rude awakening if anything happens.)

*Knew about the latest news and were getting a few things. (Higher probability of survival)

In addition to this, the local Chemist and retail had no procedures. What I would like to see is State and Federal Governments, all the funded agencies and retail to have a plan in Australia ASAP. I urge everyone to demand this.

Why do we need a plan? Well, my view is that consumers should be informed so that less people have the possibility of getting sick. For example, there is a shortage of sanitizer. Instead of telling people we don’t have any. A simple flyer educating people that alcohol is a substitute and with 1/3 Aloe Vera it is less drying.

Why doesn’t retail plan on some things going out of stock and there are contingency plans?

Why don’t Churches, schools and other organisations enforce the key messages? Let’s talk about things, work together. If anything happens, we learn from the mistakes of the past and we have a greater success rate. Let’s all have a plan. In the home, the neighborhood etc. Please do not wait because it will not happen, plan so that if it does you are prepared, informed, educated and you survive.

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