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It never ceases to amaze me the tricks stores use these days to guarantee sales. Makes one think how desperate they must be for customers. For example, Australia Lighting has had so many apparent closures and opening sales, it is hard to keep track. Also, Home appears to have quarterly renovation, refurbishment, end of lease. you name it sales.

Frankly, half the time I don’t know if I am getting a bargain or it is just marketing. I just noticed that Ishka (which literally opened a few months ago in the local shopping center) is apparently under Administration. Yet, when you ask for details the staff do say anything could, in other words another opening sale expected soon. My question to these smart asses is you guys seriously think we believe all these changes? Just be frank..guys this is another Oh by the way, Dimmy’s now ‘has a new owner’=opening sale. LOL

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