Beautiful Shanghai, China 2019 before Coronavirus.

To anyone who has a false impression of China. I am here to clear up few things as I lived and worked in China. Chinese people’s diet is a combination of International ad authentic Chinese. Yes, there are also many varieties of game meat – for example in the large shops I saw over 30 eggs including over 30 variety of eggs (no kidding). But you will see McDonalds, KFC, and their version of pasta, Ozi and USA beef etc. Depending where you go in China, obviously there are different practices re food etc. Not every Chinese person eats everything or is experimental. Quite a lot are not.

People go out of their way to assist Westerners and themselves. They are hard workers and kind. The trains are very fast and the country is very big. Typical Malls have around 5 very high escalators. China is obviously not all old world in buildings but rather a mix of old and new. Given the age of most places in China, many things have been rebuild over time and more than once in some cases. For example, the Great Wall of China (I went there in Beijing). So please be kind, during this difficult time.

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