Have we lost our sense of fun and sense of humor? Don’t forget to smile.

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In Melbourne, I remember years ago on New Years Eve, we would grab pots and pans and anything that made noise and go to the end of the street and wish every passing car a Happy New Year. Now, it is ‘dangerous’, or we can’t be bothered or someone might get offended. Ditto, re Anzac Day. We used to watch troops and/or family march by and I used to always get emotional.

You would smile at people and/ or say a joke and people would seriously laugh with you. Now, it seems life and opinion are far too serious. Come on people, chill, enjoy life, laugh. turn off the news if you have to. Turn off that iphone, go for a walk, visit people, talk to people. Forget about judging, comparing, competing. Who cares any way. At the end of the day it is the experiences, the feeling when you go outside and see nature and surrounds that is the best – is it not? Tell a joke, really laugh at someone’s joke. I personally enjoy stupid things like buying a bag of chocolates and handing them out. I did this on a tram once and when I left the tram, everyone waved goodbye and had smiles o their faces. Awesome!

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