What is best for your Pet

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It amazes me how much variations there are on pet care; even from VETS. Take for example my cat Rex. one expert sais raw chicken necks are the best for his teeth, yet another recommends tooth brushing and oral treats. The thought of chasing my cat around to brush his teeth muses the heck out of me, me thinks i will give that a miss.

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My Rex

I think the worst are the head strong ‘pet know it alls’. Like telling one you have to get a concentration camp like fencing or an enclosure with every climbing thing under the sun. The indoor cat people vs the outdoor cat people, the ones that have like 10 cats vs the ones with only one. This or that food is best and the list goes on. I think if you love your pet and look after it and its health and it responds positively is more than enough.

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