The prospect of death and finality


My mum and dad bought grave sites..the choice was a good one. I always liked this position. So she sais to me, wanna see where they are as we drove past. No, I said horrified. As a child I was traumatized at the finality and would look away as we drove past sites . Now I like reading old Tombs, head stones etc.

So being my mum, she laughed and pointed to McDonalds and said to me well you know if your dad and I are not here we will be at McDonalds drinking a coffee…lol

Is there reincarnation? Do we exist beyond death in this world? I spent years reading all about this and the thoughts of Carl Jung, and other psychological experts. I also read, watched documentaries on the different type of Religions, death practices etc a heck of a lot about. So my conclusion, nope idea. I hope there isn’t just one life. Scares the heck out of me still.

There is this song that loosely translated sais ‘if and when I die, don’t be sad, dance arm in arm at my grave. Don’t morn me but celebrate the person I am and enjoy your lies. I really like that. Though the thought of my dust being thrown into the ocean also appeals.

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