The stupidity of saving money


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Chucked my cookie today as my second brand new mop virtually fell apart before my eyes and this was apparently a quality product..yeah it was like quality 10 years ago not now. So the dilemma, try and return it again or just use my steamer.

I see it every day, people go to budget or pay for poorer quality products to maximize profits to them or the retailer. Daily retailers close shop squeezed by the budget discount chains. Madness really. People in this world don’t you realize that poorer quality products do not last the distance. Wouldn’t you rather pay a little more and maximize the use of what you buy? Remember when you could go into a store and a person would be available to serve you? Remember when you would get a person to answer your call instead of a mindless press this, then that, then you are lost in the Bermuda triangle.

I remember years ago you would purchase furniture or white goods or whatever and it would last decades. We talk about sustainability yet we ignore the obvious. There is less waste if we have quality, more jobs, we slow the pace of this disposable mindset. Demand customer service, demand quality, demand locally made products. Please think before you I want this cheap product to last me a short time or a long time? Does this retailer care about our community?

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