Racism is inexcusable-stand for humanity

After reading the attached article I am both saddened and horrified that racism should occur in 2020. Having lectured and lived in China for 3 months way before the virus and now being in Australia, I would like to point out a few things. I have never experienced such generosity, kindness to the point of a young man actually took me several blocks to find the best tourist places In Shanghai, from the Chinese, and frankly all I see reports of is Chinese authorities, doctors and community doing nothing but try and work with the world in doing whatever they can to alleviate and do anything for the protection of humans. China and the Chinese people will forever remain in my heart.

Shame on anyone in this day and age to have any bias. Virus’s do not have a bias. Historically viruses have come into being in many countries. China is not the first country to have a virus or assist other countries in solving health or medical issues. Traditional Chinese Medicine has even provided some valuable information for future generations alongside modern medicine.

The city of Wuhan is set to build a hospital in six days in order to treat patients suspected of contracting the corona virus; that is astounding and should be applauded. I feel for my friends in China and in the world and any person from any religion, country etc. who is infected and going through this difficult time. Especially those that have lost love ones. #BekindtoChina, #BekindtoChinese.

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