Melbourne 39, 41 tomorrow..kill me now!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'HEAT EXHAUSTION HEAT STROKE Faint or dizzy Excessive sweating Throbbing headache No sweating Cool, pale, clammy skin Body temp above 39°C, 103°F red hot, dry skin Nausea or vomiting Rapid weak pulse Nausea vomiting Muscle cramps Rapid, strong pulse May lose consciousness If you think someone might have heatstroke, call 000 immediately. While waiting for help, move the person into a cool, shady place. Remove any unnecessary clothing. Wet their skin with water and ice packs if possible.'

Getting ready for my nephew’s wedding in this heat is a real blast. I accidentally left my phone in the car and I literally had to resuscitate it by putting it next to the air conditioner in the car. There are moments when you think is Jerry (aka Jerry Lewis) dead? So in the heat of my car I am willing my phone to have anything except a temperature chart that basically screams..death. Then, the miracle..OMG he is alive! I am over the moon. I seriously do not need my mobile phone to be dead. Do I here Celebration song? Why do I call my phone a name? Why the heck not? It amuses me. I also call my cars amusing Sylvester or Doosh bag etc. So, wait for it 39 today but tomorrow 41C..kill me now. Once home I quickly give my cat Rex an ice block of ice and myself a nice cold water with ice. Nanoo Nanoo

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