My Biggest Business / Personal Tips

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Have you noticed that rarely do people smile, listen, pay attention or are focused on the customer, colleague or anyone else except themselves these days? I can’t tell you the amount of times I have has to repeat directions, orders, requests or anything and I get a distant, preoccupied wrong response. A lot of the time because the attention is on their phone or what’s in it for me mentality.

I am of the believe the people who do smile, do pay attention, do ask questions, do listen and then use this information by writing it down as key learning or things they need to do to improve themselves or business have more success with interactions with others than anyone. Also, you never know who this person is or the possibility they may change your life or business for the better.

Try this for a day, see how this goes for you and / or your business. When you meet anyone look at them in their eyes, give a firm handshake and smile. Talk to the person next to you (where ever you are). Ask questions. How are you, how was your day, do you enjoy what you do etc. Now this is the hard part. Do not turn the conversation on you. Just continue questions, smile, listen and observe the facial expression of that supplier, colleague, friends, stranger. I guarantee you will learn something new. If it is not an insight than something you may nit have realized and that may or may not be useful for you. Make sure that phone is turned off and you really listen.

Never forget to smile.

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