What happened to modern Journalism?

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If a man or woman isn’t married the expectation is that they will be in the future or they are seeing someone. Take for example poor Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anderson. They say hi and the world is a matchmaker..surely they will re-unite the media speculates!

The natural order, according to media is people will get married, have child/ren etc. Yet, we live in a modern society. Are journalists perspectives that we are not a modern society? We still do not accept people to want to be on their own or have a different type of partner or no partner at all?

At a Wedding we see the single, separated, divorced etc and often I see judgement. Or if a few ‘partners’ are with someone they may be different rules. Oh she gets around..while he is a real Casanova.Why should this occur in 2020? What the heck is wrong with wanting to be/being strong enough or capable enough to be by one’s self. A baby is born and the wish is that you too should have one. Many people can and do survive on their own. Why speculate on who they are or are not seeing or what they want out of life. What if they are just being/enjoying their life and shock horror do not need anyone. Magazines, Media..seriously!

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