The quest to be taller – when the shoe is comfortable – yes!

Update OMG Love is shoes that are well made and made to fit well and be comfortable and quality at reasonable price. Shout out to Naturalizer. I already have my eyes on a few more!


Lately where ever I go women tend to buy very high heels. This both amuses me and I feel pressured to buy higher high heels. So off I went on the quest to try and be the highest person on the next

What I discovered is this; it is a balancing act (visions of a circus act popped up in my brain), the majority are uncomfortable and often the high chances of falling did provide me with visions of making myself a heck of a fool. The shop attendee provided me with gel pads to cushion the heel/pain. Brilliant, I thought..this must be the secret to wearing and feeling ‘sexy’?

So, excited about joining the masses (given I was feeling a little left out) I thought I would try the new taller me. So what did I find? I felt like a Diva for like 45 minutes and then came the pain. No pain no gain I was told. You look awesome. So did the gel pads work? Put it this way, the shoes were never designed to have room for a gel pad, so not really and they eventually slipped into weird positions and made it worse.

I observed the other girls and you know what there was no possibility of being taller because they too were wearing heels. LOL.

What I don’t get is that if so many buy heels what is the point of the elevation and why bother, stick to the same level on the ground. So what was the best time of wearing such towering high heels (I was later told that mine could have been was simply being smart enough to bring a pair of comfortable shoes and taking them off so that I was capable of walking normally and dancing. I have attached some information in case anyone cares about health impacts and suggestions when wearing heels (or taking them off!)

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