Changing the date for Australia Day?

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Sunday, 26 January is Australia Day. As a proud Ozi, I fly the flag and celebrate by either having a BBQ or getting together with friends.

It is supposed to be a day of celebration, yet here we are again having debates on changing the date for a variety of reasons. While I can understand the Koori Community’s sensitivity. I have many awesome Koori / Aboriginal friends. Other arguments on changing the date don’t get too much of my attention.

What I don’t get is with so many things happening in the world and flogging this debate yet another year do we really expect any different outcomes? The date usually remains. The latest from a Sky News Poll is that 85% are proud Ozis who wish to simply celebrate being an do I. I don’t know about you but I am more focused on celebration. My aim in life is to have as many celebrations as possible.

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