Imagine no car & all IT was banned while travelling

I used to be one of those people that would get into my car and go to the Milk Bar at the end of my street. I used to think everything was too far to walk. I used to think that I could not live without my phone between places. These days I try and ignore my car and try and walk and not use an IT.

So, what happened you may ask? Well I went to China and lived and worked there for 3 months. Hence to drive in China you need to have passed a Chinese Driver’s License. Plus, social media was restricted, I didn’t know the language and the time zone was different=more walking and reliance on the public transport system and IT was reduced 80%.

Also, I could walk great distances and climb many, many stairs. There were stairs even going into shops. The Chinese transport system is so much faster, never late and there was a lot more available.

Result, I felt better, became happier (even though there was adjustment and at times inner winging lol) and ended up seriously fitter. I looked around, observed things because I was not looking down at a phone, I talked to people (OK so I did use Google translate) when people didn’t know English and extensively use my Smart phone navigation system. The other thing I began to use is the what is around that I can walk to, such as landmarks. It became a bit of fun going to places I haven’t been.

So, back in Oz, I now realize things are so much smaller (Buildings smaller, malls smaller, walking distances and between train stops smaller). It isn’t easy but I am still trying to make do with more walking, less driving and less IT as much as possible. Anyone want to join my #No cars, #Less IT mindset, #Greater Happiness?

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