Environmentalist but Meat & Dairy Eater

Image result for free vegetarian photo

I love animals and I am kind to them. I am an Environmentalist, admire Vegans/ Vegetarians but I am a mammal and like my meat and dairy. Listening to Joaquin Phoenix (among others) passionately talk about less Environmental impact like always I consider changing to a Vegan/ Vegetarian (VV) or Fish and VV . I am sure Fish would have something to say about that.

I recently read an article that Vegetables/Fruit can feel if they die (no idea where I read that). However, it does make one think. We surely see Fruit and Vegetables grow and we see them die. Shouldn’t their feelings be considered?

Aside from friends that commit to being VV I also know a few that tried to become VV and after years of not managing their health re Vitamins etc ended up going back to Carnivorous, “anti Environmentalism”. How dare they! Do I respect them any less for giving up their stance. Frankly no.

In 2020 I am trying to step up my passion for this Earth and do my utmost best. I take Joaquin’s point about Celebrities flying..I seriously do wish to see them all walk to the Globes. I wonder how Earth Friendly Joaquin’s suit is made with artificial dye etc. Looking forward to seeing him in his next speech in his Cave man attire.

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