Bush Fires – I Pray that they end soon

Photo by me 2020

It is very humid 34C with rain and then the temperature will drop to 18. Daily I hear sirens. Where I am is in the suburbs but also close to Bush land and farms. We have had fires around us and in the farms and wilderness. It is usual to see Kangaroos around us and other wildlife. Meters from friends and relatives’ houses there have been evacuations but people are back now. Some have lost their houses.

I get emotional seeing the Ozi Spirit and community rally together, donate, help each other. I hope the cooler weather helps. However, the grass is like straw, trees in the nearing woods dry.

Today and on Saturday 11 January 2020, Emergency Services have indicated that elevated fire risk conditions will worsen. Winds will only add to the emergency. We are told to be prepared, monitor conditions on www.emergency.vic.gov.au and on the VicEmergency app. Also, to listen to advice from emergency services. It is times like this that you are thankful for the simple things: clean air (there are days with high pollution, poor visibility, difficulty in breathing for people with Asthma, the elderly and those with other medical conditions); water (we had half a day that our water was shut of); there is a roof on our heads (as I said people have lost houses, farms, animals) not too far from me. It is only 10 January, Summer is January and February..scares me of what else could come.


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