Forget New Year Resolutions Now!

State Library of Victoria

I used to make resolutions and I would be totally frustrated when I couldn’t achieve them. About 15 years ago I stopped making them and have never been happier.

What I started doing instead was a list of things I wanted to achieve. A mixture of small and big achievements and I wrote this in a book. Naturally life intervened and along the way I may have unexpectedly achieved other things. For example, I never thought I would be Lecturing in China last year (hmm it is already last year) and as a result I ticked off Walking on the Great Wall of China and other things. These I would also add to my book. So, you know what the best thing was? At the end of the year by writing down and ticking of what I did achieve the year made me so happy.

Also, the other thing I embraced was the simple fact that many people have achieved later in life and you don’t have to be qualified in every discipline. Life is a combination of chance, networks, opportunity, desire, and most importantly determination. Yes, Education helps and I recommend that but I recommend all learning. If you want to achieve something in 2020 do it and above all be good to yourself!

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