We all have opinions on what leaders should do, how to solve problems?

Ozi Leaders should do this and not that, other leaders should do this and not that. I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of them in my life. Some I like, some not.

I recall when former Premier of Australia, Jeff Kennet, was confronted about some of his decisions that were not liked, (he was cms away from me), that his decisions may not have been liked but he couldn’t think of doing things any other way. He asked if anyone else had any other solution? No one answered. He had a point.

I have also experienced bad and good media. I would like to think less sensationalism and a more measured approach is best for today and the future. We don’t have to like our Leaders or decisions they make. We can disagree, protest, do whatever it takes to make a difference..however we must also realize they are people too.

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