Reminder the importance of working together and to communicate

Yesterday, in my excitement to be at an Ozi Farmer’s market I forgot to get cash for my purchases. Though I should really say I usually don’t carry cash and don’t feel the need for it. What surprised me was that all the sellers except one only accepted cash and the nearest ATM was a car trip away and I was likely not to come back.

However, the one seller not only accepted card but for $1 I could get cash out. She used a square reader (around $50 from most Office suppliers). Not only that, she promoted this so that I could make other purchases. The result was that I did purchase my awesome fresh farmer’s produce.

I also ended up informing the rest that the one person had cash out availability so that next time when a person didn’t have cash, they could rely on this one person to help them. As a Global Business Analyst/Adviser/Educator it astounds me the many times I find non communication and lack of Partnerships, Bottom Up Management style, no Continuous Improvement mindset, and not listening to others is the root cause of loss of revenue, staff leaving work places, bad Media, unhappy community and even the Global Leaders looked down upon. Begs the question, why is this so hard? Please talk to people, work together, listen for maximum impact and yes to avoid loss of revenue.

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